Laclede County Sheriff’s Office 240 N Adams Lebanon MO 65536 Phone:  417-532-2311

Civil Process

Service on multiple people at same address -$40.00 for 1st set and $30.00 each for the additional sets.


TYPE OF SERVICE                                 Fee

Citation                                                         $ 40.00

Child Support Notice                                      $ 40.00

Show Cause                                                  $ 40.00

Evictions                                                      $ 40.00

General Execution (Garnishment)                   $ 40.00

General Execution (Property)                         $ 40.00

Motions                                                        $ 40.00

Order of Delivery                                         $ 40.00

Ex‐Parte, Child Order, Notice of Hearing      No Charge

Full Order of Protection                               No Charge

Order of Commitment                                 No Charge

Replevin                                                       $ 40.00

Subpoena (Civil, Juvenile, Notaries,

Probate, Other)                                            $ 30.00

Summons (Associate, Circuit, Domestic

Relations, Landlord‐Tenant, Juvenile,

Probate, Small Claims)                                  $ 40.00

Writ of Body Attachment                               $ 40.00

Writs and all other Notices                            $ 40.00

  PAPERS with CHECKS are to be sent to: ATTN: Civil Division Laclede County Sheriff’s Office 240 N. Adams Ave. Lebanon MO 65536   The service fee on all civil cases must be sent with the civil paper(s) to be served. The service fee on all civil cases must be in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, a check from a circuit clerk’s office or law firms check. We accept cash but must be exact amount. We do not accept credit or debit.   Make checks payable to: Laclede County Sheriff’s Office