Laclede County Sheriff’s Office 240 N Adams Lebanon MO 65536 Phone:  417-532-2311

E911 Communications

Laclede County’s communication center is made up of 14 dispatchers and operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The center is staffed with 2-3 trained dispatchers at all times.  The dispatch team will take a call, collect the appropriate information, assess the nature of the emergency and promptly deliver the information to the proper responding agency.

Laclede County communication center is responsible for dispatching for the following agencies:  Laclede County Sheriff’s Office, Lebanon Rural Fire Department, Lebanon City Fire Department, Bennett Springs Fire Department, Competition Fire Department, Conway Fire Department, Conway Police Department, Eldridge Fire Department, Evergreen Fire Department, Nebo Falcon Fire Department and Sleeper Fire Department.  The center also transfers medical calls to St. John’s EMS.

Laclede County has enhanced 911 but is not always able to get an exact location if calling from a cell phone.  Disconnected cell phones can still call 911, so please remove the battery if you give them to a child for play.  If a call is made from a disconnected cell phone the 911 center will not be able to return the call, so please stay on the line in the event of an emergency.

Our goal is to provide the most efficient service possible to ensure a quick and appropriate response to emergency situations.